Dear Fellow Followers,

Dear fellow followers,

The reason I haven’t been posting at all this whole month is because I am grounded for a whole month from the computer and plus I have lots of school work that I have to do. I am very sorry for not being active. I will be posting more posts of Fantage in December.



Summer Camp 2014




Summer Camp 2014 has now been released! If you go to to the Fantage map area and go to the Forest, which is in the right middle area of the Fantage map you can actually go to the Summer Camp:


You will need to go all the way to the right, which has the Creature Shop and portal to be able to go to the Summer Camp. You will find a Summer Camp sign, which you click and it will lead to the Summer Camp area.

summr camp sign

Make sure you don’t click the other path on the Left side or else it will lead you to Fantage School area. Just make sure you take the path on your Right.

It will look like this when you get to Summer Camp:





LIMITEDAs you can see, these are the Limited Items from the last year’s Summer Event 2013.

Not only are the limited items old items, but also they cost GOLD.  ARE YOU SERIOUS FANTAGE?!? Are you that desperate?!?

pink star cap

pink star cap

There are also “special campfire items” which are the same as the ones from the previous Summer Camp 2013.


Unfortunately, it also costs gold too. With these items, you can roast them near the fire in the Summer Camp and win a prize.

The prize is s’mores, and after that you get 1 star every time you roast something. You can’t really do this, either, unless you want to pay gold or use the items you got from last year’s event.

special campfire item gold

If you go all the way to the right to the lake at the summer camp, you can buy fishing gear. There is only one new item, and the rest are from previous summer camp events.


fishing gear

It kind of annoys me that these items cost gold too because you literally cannot participate in the one activity they have during this event if you don’t buy the items with GOLD. You can also wear your costumes from last year’s event to participate in this game.


First, to get to the fishing area in the summer camp, click the dock at the very right of the summer camp, which is connected to the lake. You must have a canoeing costume to fish. Also, whatever color canoe costume you have is whatever color fish you can get.


To go fishing, you must put on your canoeing costume. Then, you go out into the lake. The bar at the top tells you how much fish you have. The meter labeled “hot, warm, cool, and cold” tells you how close you are to a fish. The higher the bar goes, the better chance you have of getting a fish. When the bar reaches warm or hot and you want to try to get a fish, click the “click to fish” button on the right side of the screen.

Remember, you can’t change costumes when you are fishing so you have to return to the dock when you want to switch canoeing costumes.

You get many prizes for collecting fish including stars and items. You must collect 30 of each color fish to receive the prize listed.

There will new prizes next week, so come back for more fun!

fishing prizes



To make the summer camp even MORE realistic, there are cabins for boys and girls on the left side of the summer camp.



That’s all for now! I’ll be posting more next week when new items come out!


Item Rental Week+Home Party Updates



Nonmembers can now rent all items in the shops during this 1 week period. You still have to pay for the item with stars, but now you can wear them for 3 days to participate in fashion shows.


item rental week

Just go to any store and choose and item. There will be an option to buy the item for stars and borrow it for a number of days. You can do this as many times as you want for as many items as you want.






Fantage has revamped parties at homes! For this week only, June 12th-June 18th, everyone can have parties at their homes for free.

PARTY updates

You can now have a Dance Party at your home and you can even choose your music although, it costs gold.

party shop


To host a party, go to your house and click the host party button in the upper right hand corner. There, you can choose your party theme, pinata, stickers, and music.

party options

To find a party, just click the party invitations button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. It will give you options for whomever is hosting a party in your server. You can go to any party you want.

party invies




How MyMall Works

Where MyMall Is 

MyMall is a new shop located in Uptown. It’s located between the IDfone Shop and the Furniture Shop.

MyMall outsideTo go inside of MyMall, you click it.


How I Can Sell My Items At MyMall

First, go inside of MyMall and visit the Business Center on the lower right. You will have to start a kioskwhich is like a mini booth where people sell things. The woman at the mini booth looks like this:

buisness person

When you click her this will pop up:

business permission

In order to keep your kiosk open and running, you have to pay for Business Permission each day using gold. Keep reading for more on how to get gold. 1 day permission costs 150,  3 days costs 400, and 7 days costs 850. The bigger the package you choose, the better the deal is.


You will be assigned a kiosk number whenever you buy 1 of the Permissions. You can sell up to 5 items at your kiosk, and you can set a price in gold for each item. There might also be some sort of price to posting items (tax) like Trade N Sell. If you want to advertise your kiosk, make sure to tell people your kiosk number. For example, gianna4125′s kiosk number is 8A-5 meaning it’s the 5th on the #8 floor. Room A.


How I Can Buy Items At MyMall

There are currently 20 floors (not including L, the Lobby), with 3 rooms, each with 10 kiosks, on each floor, so 30 kiosks per floor. It will be pretty hard to find something you specifically want, because unlike any other store, there is no catalog. You pretty much just have to go window shopping and see if you like anything!

When you click on a kiosk, it will tell you…

1. The kiosk number and the owner’s username

2. The items that they are selling

3. The price, in gold, for each item

4. The type of item it is (e.g. starred/ecoined, limited/luxury/rare)

Click on the BUY button to purchase the item.

How I Can buy or get Gold

Right now, the only way you can get gold is by buying it with real money. Gold costs exactly the same as eCoins: $1 per 1,000 gold. Of course, you can use UGC cards, FGC cards, paypal, etc. per usual.

Very Sorry

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to type or get on the blog. I’m approving comments and I’ll start working on the blog right away! I need workers and helpers please! You can sign up here!